TrailSeeker 10×32 бинокль

171 000 

The 10×32 TrailSeeker binocular provides high-level outdoor performance—a perfect choice for avid birders, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. TrailSeeker is packed with optical, mechanical, and ergonomic features that make it comparable to binoculars costing two to five times as much.

Coatings and Prisms

TrailSeeker features fully broadband multi-coated optics and phase and dielectric-coated BaK-4 prisms. Fully broadband multi-coated is the highest-quality multi-coating available; it extends the range throughout the visual spectrum and enhances the view. It decreases the surface reflectivity therefore allows greater optical through-put across the entire visible light spectrum.

The prism inside TrailSeeker is made of high quality BaK-4 glass with both phase and dielectric coatings so that more light is reflected off the prism and diverted through the eye. Taken together, fully multi-coatings and BaK-4 prisms maximize light transmission for the brightest, most detailed images possible.

The Body

TrailSeeker is composed of lightweight and durable magnesium alloy. Its tough, rigid frame is coated with rubber to stand up to hard use in the field. What’s more, the binocular is fully waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging of lenses. TrailSeeeker can stand up to even the toughest outdoor conditions.

Viewing through TrailSeeker is comfortable for both eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers alike, thanks to the durable metal twist-up eyecups. Twist through multiple click stops to find the position that works best for you. The metal twist-up eyecups are more durable with a longer life than plastic eyecups; less susceptible to breaking. 

Perfect for a Variety of Uses

TrailSeeker features a close focus of just 8.2 feet, making it perfect for viewing birds, butterflies, plants, or other nearby subjects. But this 10×32 binocular also offers the magnification needed to get great views of distance subjects, plus a wide field of view so you can easily follow them as they move. No matter how you choose to observe, this versatile binocular is an excellent all-around performer.

Ways to Observe

TrailSeeker includes both a neck strap and a carrying harness so you can choose the option that’s most comfortable for you. It’s also tripod adaptable, so you can mount it on any standard photographic tripod for extended viewing or digiscoping sessions. (Tripod adapter sold separately.) The binocular also includes a protective soft case for storage or transport.


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